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A Developed Sri Lanka By 2040

Yes! It’s not a dream, only if we work towards this goal together. Developing a country without a Vision is not realistic. In a backdrop of not having such a vision for development within the horizon, the Academics, educated, intellectuals, professionals, inventors, investors and the business leaders residing in Sri Lanka and overseas have come together to formulate the vision ‘A developed Sri Lanka by 2040’. With this purpose in mind “Vision 2040 Limited” was incorporated in Sri Lanka.
Our commitment to free the Sri Lankan population from the poverty and open the golden gates of prosperity to them, which we intend to achieve within the next eighteen years, could be witnessed real-time in our web portal. We invite you to visit time to time and follow the progress.
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We have commenced a challenging yet exciting journey. It is time to end Sri Lanka being pigeonholed as an underdeveloped country, by thinking as one community, that respects all, peacefully coexist, and working towards building a sustainably developed nation. Although it seems as we have eighteen long years to fulfill our mission, the current challenges that we are facing as a nation today, have made it a race against time. We need the blessings and contributions from all concerned to reach our goal. The honor of our victory will be shared amongst all equally

Our Philosophy
We believe in and work towards a united nation of Sri Lankans committed to excellence, where everyone is empowered to make informed decisions, enjoy the peace and improved living standards, and have democratic rights to the fullest while maintaining a perpetual and neutral foreign policy & social market economy.
Our Vision
A developed Sri Lanka by the year 2040.
Our Mission
To enable economic prosperity & improved living standards by facilitating empowerment, through collective impact.
Our Prime Objective
To contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with the primary focus of transforming Sri Lanka into a Developed Country by 2040 through research & development, products and services, advice, leadership, and community initiatives.