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You may be in Sri Lanka or somewhere else in the world. As long as you are on this planet, there are many ways that you can get involved in our work. Our invitation goes to Individuals or organisations such as Academics, Business Leaders, Investors, Professionals, Youth and Business Organisations, Academic and Technology institutes, Research Centres. Non-Profits, Donors, Philanthropists, Opinion Leaders and media

Become a shareholder: If you endorse and support our Vision, best you can do is to become one of us. If you are a Sri Lankan citizen you can become a shareholder. You need to provide an address in Sri Lanka, your Sri Lankan national ID card number and a scanned copy of either your passport or Sri Lankan national ID card.

As per Board resolution # 01/2022 maximum number of shares allocated to an individual is 200. Each share is valued at Rs 100. This cap has been introduced due to two reasons;

  • As a Social enterprise, our mandate prevents dividends paid to shareholders, hence to be fair by the shareholder we have limited the financial commitment someone has to make.
  • We also do not want any party with vested interests to bulk buy shares to control our organisation and influence our decisions.
  • First step to become a share holder is to fill and submit the electronic Expression of Interest for which the link is provided below.
  • Our Company Secretary will send you an invoice to the value of shares requested by you, in which our Bank details will also be given for you to transfer/Deposit money.

To become a shareholder please click here

Should you need more information, please feel free to contact us on +94-77-300-2040

Support our Programs/Projects: You can now support our work through ,our official Crowd funding platform exclusively supporting initiatives of Vision2040.

Donate You may make a donation in kind or in cash directly to us. Donations are not capped as the Donors remain outside the organisation. Please contact us on 077-300-2040 or email: for more details.

Join Vision 2040 Think/Action Tank: You can be a member of Our Core Group, or a sub-committee and contribute to the transformation of the country you love. Here you can share your knowledge, experience, and skills in our planning, designing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation work.

Seek Our support: You and your community may become beneficiaries of Vision 2040. We have programs to encourage and uplift Tech start-ups, Export focussed manufacturing,Agro industries, Skills development, Entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability and many more. So, feel free to get in touch by making a telephone/WhatsApp call or sending us an email.